Art for Kids – Starting them Young

Pre-schools and nurseries today offer a wide range of art classes for kids. In fact, it is often believed that no one is too young to learn and make art, more so when they are children. In most of these schools, kids are usually encouraged to explore with their creative minds and to play around with textures. The more formal methods and techniques would be flourished to them as they grow older before they learn to master a certain method.

Children are known to like to explore because there are many things which they have not seen before and are the first time they come across them. They are one of the most natural artists one can find because they offer a different method of expression. Babies have been seen drawing images using their fingers with the food on their trays while there are many art schools that offer classes for children from as young as 2 years old.

Typically, children might not be able to grasp what is ‘art’ and hence, they just like to compose objects together. It is up to the teacher to guide them into working with a specific method. That’s why there are clay classes, painting classes and others. With these classes, the kids have the chance to work with a variety of mediums and styles.

You will find that children are not as particular when it comes to getting dirty and playing with colours

They are happy to use their fingers and palms to make prints on the texture in order to produce a painting which they think are good enough.

Variety is very important when it comes to art for children. While they can naturally make really interesting artwork, it is their attention span that needs to be nurtured. Generally, children’s attention span is very short and they tend to move from one medium to another in a relatively short time. So if you are choosing a children art school for your kid, find one which allow them to play with different mediums like watercolour, coloured sprays, crayons and such.

Apart from that, children are highly imaginative and they would try to draw anything that they can remember

If they remember an elephant had wings, then they will draw that based on their own interpretation. The point is children art classes are not about creating fine artists for the future and hence, you will not be able to mould you child to be the next Andy Warhol. The most important factor is that they are given the chance to explore their own selves, they are free to explore and practice their creativity and that they are able to express their ideas through the use of mediums. Probably less than 10% of the children in the art school would grow up to become artists but it is a good place to start them. This is where you can gauge if art really is the passion of your child while you can also help them to cultivate better confidence when growing up.


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