Self-taught Indonesian artist Agustian Supriatna’s work sold out at Art Expo 2012

Agustian Supriatna, a 31 year old abstract artist from Indonesia found that there was a good demand for abstract work, particularly from the people in Malaysia. This was a great discovery for the artist when he participated at the Art Expo Malaysia 2012 held at the Matrade Exhibition and Convention Centre last month.

Agustian found that his works were in demand during the 4 day event where 14 of his abstract paintings were quickly snapped up by collectors and visitors to the show. It was a remarkable achievement by Agustian who is a self-taught artist with no formal training in production or exhibiting of the arts.

The artist, who is based in Bali used wild and raw brushstrokes and muted colours in his body of work where he paints on large canvas spaces.

Using acrylic and oil paints, his works are generally mixed media in which he also used pencils and crayons too. Somehow he has been likened to the art of Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko or the combination of both which are seen in his expression of the subject matter and colour play.

Such is the sentiment that anyone would get through the appreciation of Agustian’s artwork in which he said that art allows the person the freedom to decide what they love and what is meaningful and this is the very philosophy which his works are stemmed from. Agustian is a hardworking artist and very determined and his success is testimony that one need not formal education to express in art and to have people appreciate them.


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