How to Draw Human Faces

Most people are known to put off drawing after facing difficulties drawing human figures. Contrary to such perceptions, drawing human figures and faces are not as difficult as it seems. In fact, talent plays little or no part in drawing human faces because it can be quite a technical skill.

One thing for sure, it is a skill that requires a lot of practice and once you get the hang of it, it can be a very rewarding technique which you will surely appreciate. You will surely be throwing a lot of drawings away because you will surely not get it right in your first few attempts.

To draw a proper human face, you can do so first with an imaginary face. Using a pencil which is not too dark, first draw an oval outline. Ensure that the bottom part of the oval is wider than the tope and then sketch a vertical line down the centre.

After that, draw a horizontal line in the middle of the shape which will be the guide to draw the eyes. From there, you can draw a horizontal line for the bottom half of the oval. This will be your base for the nose and then divide the space below into thirds where the mouth will be placed on the top of these thirds while the chin will make up the rest of the space.

After that, return to the first middle horizontal line where the eyes are supposed to be and that is where you will need to place the eyes. You can do this by drawing almond shapes and to know the correct size for this, you should be able to place 5 eyes across the entire face. That means that if you eliminate the first, third and fifth eye, the second and fourth eye will be proportionately placed.

Ensure that the tilt is most evident at the inner corner of the eyes and you can also draw the outer corner with a small tilt up.

Now for the nose which will be at the centre line. You have to ensure that the area between the eyes would be narrowest and they are widest around the nostril areas. From there, you can start with the mouth and the lips. The easiest way to do this first is to draw a closed mouth before attempting an opened mouth with the teeth.

After that, return back to the top horizontal line where you need to draw the ears. You will notice that ears are wider around the top and because everyone has differently shaped ears, you need to take note of the details of the lobes and such here.

After that, you can start drawing the hair. This might be a tricky part because you would know by now that hair is one of the hardest to draw. Start with a few main strokes before going on to the details. Once you have the main strokes as your outline, you can then add in the secondary hair before completing it with other parts.

How to draw realistic human face


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