Top Street Paintings

Murals are just amazing artwork that are produced in large scale by artists. Instead of the bland and single-toned walls, buildings get a whole new look when a mural is painted on them.

Murals among the best form of art

Unlike paintings on a canvas, murals are harder to pain and make. Artists have to spend days completing a mural under different weather conditions. On top of that, they have ensure that the finished artwork is done on time and that no modifications are made thereafter within a certain budget.

Where are the best street art?

Street art and graffiti can sometimes be used and perceived as the same art form. While graffiti has been perceived in a more negative light, most quarters have since used street art as more of such work has sprung up in recent years. Among the top ones that you might be interested in are:

  1. 3D Mural in Poland – located in Poznan, this is a painting made to celebrate the town of Srodka. A painting of this scale is very difficult to do what more it is created in a 3D form that depicts the unique architecture of buildings and structure.
  2. Street Art in Penang – Painted mostly by Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic, there are various murals around the city of Georgetown that has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. Perhaps the most iconic here is the kids on a bicycle which has been used for photographs by just about any visitor to the area.
  3. Raccoon – This huge painting of a front-faced racoon is painted by Bordalo II. Located in Belem in Lisbon, Portugal, it was part of his solo exhibition and the impressive mural has become one of the must-see places of the city. To top it all, the mural was made using recycled items
  4. The owl in Athens – What makes this mural so impressive is that it is created on a wall at an intersection in Athens, Greece. The painting is so real, it feels as if a gigantic owl is staring straight at you.
  5. Faceless Kids – Located in Montreal in Canada, this painting was done by Seth Globepainter. The signature of the artist can be seen in this work.
  6. Starling Mural – This painting is in Berlin, Germany done by 2 Dutch artists Super A and Collin van der Sluijs. They created this mural which stands at 137 feet and has become one of the most impressive artwork to date.
  7. Renaissance – this piece is located in Le Puy en Velay in France. The work is the brainchild of Patrick Commecy who painted the walls of the town with his team of artists of A.Fresco using ideas from novels and known scenarios
  8. Diving Dog – This mural is located in Mechelen Belgium painted by Bart Smeets otherwise known simply as Smates. Taken from a photograph, the painting has liven up the streets of this town which was once bland and monotoned.
  9. Let’s Keep the Plants Alive – This mural is painted on a wall in Bialystok in Poland known for its powerful message to preserve the environment and to be kind to nature painted by Natalia Rak
  10. Kiss Mural – This is perhaps one of the most recognized mural of a mural and nurse kissing. Painted by Eduardo Kobra, it has been an iconic painting before it was painted over.
  11. Palmitas – The entire Palmitas town was painted over by a group of artists who decided to colorize the walls which were once mostly white. From a far, the entire town now looks colourful and very lively.

Top Street Art in Australia


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