Saito College

Saito College is one of the longest established art colleges in Malaysia. Known to be one of the pioneers in the country to offer specialized design courses, Saito College was established in 1988 named after Mr Tetsuo Saito, its founder.

Since then, Saito College has become one of the major movers of the art education industry where it has produced some of the best artists and designers for the industry having moved more than 6,000 graduates dating back to the last 2 decades.

Saito College is an international college recognized and accredited by the government of Malaysia where it offers mainly Diploma courses with affiliations with reputable universities around the world that include the likes of United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Closely working with the industry, Saito College has positioned itself to be one of the most industry-relevant colleges in Malaysia and the region

Apart from that, Saito College is also involved in exchange programmes that allow its students to learn more and experience other culture like that with Leithbridge University in Canada.

To ensure that its students are not merely designers but good communicators, Saito College provides them with free classes in these skills to help them prepare for the industry after they graduate. Courses that are offered by Saito College include the Certificate in Creative Design which is a preparatory course to build the foundation in the student.

Diploma courses offered by Saito College involves areas like Graphic Design, Interior Design, Multimedia Design, Creative Advertising and Security Management where there are also compulsory internship sessions so that students will be able to grasp what the industry will be like before charting their careers there.

Within Saito College are state-of-the-art and high-technology facilities that include their Macintosh and PC labs as well as a dedicated Canon EOS Photography Studio. Other facilities provided by Saito College include Art and Design Studios and Video Editing Suit, all of which are prepared to offer a conducive environment for the students.

Essentially, Saito College is known for its quality and achievements in graphic design where students have graduated and employed in reputable and established companies in the industry.

Illustrations and product design like box packaging and ang pows are among some of their popular products.

An important element that is always promoted by Saito College is to ensure that its students would be hold relevant qualifications by incorporating industry into its curriculum. Hence , it is very common to see actual industry practitioners and professionals involved in the delivery of the courses in Saito College where the students are able to learn from the best experts from the industry.

Among the renowned individuals who have been associated with Saito College is Nancy Lau, an established artist who has been known to paint beautiful flowers where she had formerly been engaged as a lecturer at the school. Ms Angeline Tan, the Studio Manager of Dentsu Malaysia is also a graduate of Saito while Joey Carson, who is a renowned digital artist using software to produce digital paintings is also a former graduate here.

18 Jalan Tengah
Section 52, PJ New Town Centre
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: +603 7954 7200 (General Line)
Fax: +603 7954 7211
Email: [email protected]

[gMap width=”550″ height=”303″ address=”18 Jalan Tengah Pj New Town, 6200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia” zoom=”17″]


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