Bars and Bedrooms

Perhaps one of the most cutting edge plays to come out of Malaysian theater Bars and Bedrooms take on an intimate snapshot of the society using some short stories about love, passion and such. Performed at he Actors Studio @ Lot 10 Roof Top from 19 to 21 May with 8.30pm performances and on 22 May with a 3.30pm performance, the play is directed by Khairil M Bahar from Ciplak and 15 Malaysia credits, Adeline Ong, Elza Irdalynna and Nalina Samynathan.

The music is performed by Joanna Marie Gough and Reuben Samuel and the play involves a cast of Dennis Yeap, Prisca Wong, Priyadashini Maganathan, Ng Boon PingAlexis Wong, Toby Teh, Alissa Roslan, Kevin Chong and many others. The story goes with 10 strangers who are struggling with choices they have made as well as those they are about to in the realms of love and passion. Ticket prices are at RM25 for all shows while RM50 will get you an entry to ROOTZ and a cocktail or mocktail.


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