Anassuwandi Ahmad

Anassuwandi Ahmad

Khairul Azmir Shoib Background: Anassuwandi Ahmad is an artist from the northern state of Kedah. Dwelling in abstract art form and primarily in the sculptures and mix-media, Anas is a graduate of the MARA University of Technology where he completed his studies with a BA in Art and Design in 1991 with a Fine Art major.

His body of work are expressive and is known to exude his emotions using his brush, texture, weld, drips and line techniques in the acrylic, oil and mix media. Since coming out to the Malaysian art scene, Anas has been very active where his art work has been exhibited throughout Malaysia in numerous galleries including at every level. In his sculptures, he usually apply iron and other media available. Some of his known works include his ‘Hikayat’, ‘Tribe’, ‘Trap’ and ‘Glimpse’ series respectively.

His latest works can be seen at the Pameran Seni at Balai Seni Melaka while he also had a recent show at the Horizontal or Vertical Exhibition Group Show with the House of Matahati. Anas’ works have also been around the country where they are exhibited at the National Art Gallery, Galeri Petronas as well as at the Underwater World Langkawi during the RAW Nostalgia Exhibition Group Show.


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