Khalil Ibrahim

Khalil’s work is known to have depicted the traditional village life and the daily routines which have been seen in most major art spaces around the country and abroad.

Khalil Ibrahim is perhaps one of the most illustrious Malaysian artists today where he has been actively involved in the Malaysian and regional art scene for decades now. To say the least, Khalil has also been instrumental in the development of the Malaysian art scene where he has inspired and influenced many artists and peers who have been extremely successful in recent years.

Cutting across all the boundaries of art and culture, Khalil, who was born in 1934 obtained his education in art from the St Martin’s School of Art in London. Khalil’s work is known to have depicted the traditional village life and the daily routines which have been seen in most major art spaces around the country and abroad.

There is no denying that Khalil Ibrahim has created an art form for himself which distinguishes his works with many other artists either from his time or after him. He learnt from the best in the industry and in doing so, has become one of the best in his community thereby bringing Malaysian contemporary art to a whole new level.

Khalil Ibrahim’s Works and exhibitions

His works have been exhibited since he began his career in the art scene where Khalil has held solo exhibitions in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia as well as in Switzerland among others. Apart from that, some of his paintings and sketches too have travelled across the world in group exhibitions to countries like Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, Thailand and Turkey. Khalil’s work is known to be colourful and strong and usually takes a snapshot of a particular scene where it is common to observe the life and times of the likes of villagers, fishermen, planters and farmers from the local community. The former Vice Chairman of Malaysian Watercolour Organisation is still very much active in the Malaysian art scene where his works are still very much sought after by galleries not only locally but also across the region.

His works have been consistently portrayed and manifested throughout his career which can be seen since his early years in art education where he experimented with abstract forms like those seen in Judith in Still life and Abstract Queens Gardens Bayswater and then through his European Expressionism when he made the ‘Destruction and Destruction II’ painting.

Since then, Khalil’s figurative work has been exemplary and totally compelling where his interplay of colours and shades have become quite his signature techniques in many ways. Today, Khalil Ibrahim is a name synonymous with not only Malaysian art but also as a specific trademark of art in itself created entirely by Khalil himself.

Khalil Ibrahim’s Artworks

Khall Ibrahim – Bayang-bayang II

Khall Ibrahim – East Coast


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