Patriotism ‘Anak Malaysia’ sculpture sold in 33 Auction

As ironic as it may sound, Ch’ng Huck Theng’s recently ‘Anak Malaysia bronze sculptures was recently auctioned off in Singapore at the 33 Auction for $21,000. It is an achievement befitting the season of Merdeka in the southern neighbour that makes it all the more ironic in which Ch’ng sells the idea of a true ‘Anak Malaysia’.

According to the artist, the message behind this artwork is a vision that the time will come when ‘Anak Malaysia’ will exist instead of the races that Malaysians are so accustomed to. Living in harmony has become a way of life in the country and yet, there is still a very differential lifestyle among one another.

The sculpture is part of Ch’ng’s limited edition of 8 sets which have not been displayed in the past and stands at 48cmx30cmx30cm each

The figures, as they are implied symbolizes the 3 main races in Malaysia (Malays, Chinese and Indians) and the original intention included another one to represent the Orang Asli but was eventually shelved. The artist added that the differences in the 3 figurines would be open to interpretation from the viewer and not from their appearances as one might expect. The minor alterations like the ‘songkok’ and the ‘putu’ separates one from the other in the otherwise similar looking figures.


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