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Vincent Phang’s recent solo exhibition drew some rave reviews in Penang recently. The 27-year old artist is currently holding the ‘Facebook Illustration 2012’ exhibition which will be running until the end of December at the G Hotel Art Gallery along Gurney drive up north. The 22 paintings were completed using oil medium and were drawn through the self-portraits of his friends through his Facebook network because they are natural and interesting and less formal as compared to photographs.

All the paintings were unique in their own ways where they expressed different emotions. His journey in the art started from his childhood through Japanese comics like Dragon Ball. The original dream that he had with his friends were to become famous comic artists where he indulged into drawing even when the teaching was talking in front of the class. However, as he grew older, practicality made more sense and he thought about going into business or an engineer.

He would then venture into design and became a graphic artist for 4 years after graduating from university. Phang then decided that he wants to paint and became a lecturer. Today he is painting while teaching at the Equator Academy of Art but the former is still what he loves doing. On his current show, he likes to work on portraits because he is fascinated with the emotions and expressions while they are very intriguing. He quotes that his inspiration are from European masters like Pablo Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, Gustave Courbet and Vincent van Gogh, among others.

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