WOMEN:100 Photography Exhibition

Featuring a photography exhibition of the recently concluded 100 hours of performing arts with the theme of WOMEN:100 in conjunction with the International Women’s Day recently, come to the Sky Bridge in Pavilion from 28 April to 8 May and you can recapture the moments if you have attended the plays. Otherwise, you can see what you have missed or to take a closer look at how the shows went. The exhibition is the concluding event of the month long performing arts carnival celebrating women.

Admission is free at the level four walkway where the art work are contributed by 4 very popular and renowned female photographers

They are Evelyn Lam Lip Lin who is a one of the Top 10 Women Wedding Photographers as rated by FACES. Evelyn is also a certified Master Photographer by MPA UK (Master Photographers Association).

Sharon Lam is one of the top female photographers in Malaysia who have been involved in a lot of photography projects.

Naomi Aw Shui Ching is also one of the Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers in FACES’ list.

Visithra Manikam is a finalist in the recent 2011 KL Photo Awards and she is self-taught.



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