malaysia-galeriehuitzakiiEveryone in the Malaysian art scene knows Ahmad Zakii Anwar. His still life paintings are impeccably intricate and among some of the best anyone would have seen. Zakii is known in Malaysia, around Asia and around the world as well.

14 of his still-life paintings are currently on show at the Galerie Huit in Hong Kong entitled ‘Pleasure and Pain’. As always, audiences are welcomed with some of Zakii’s best works through his unique brush strokes and techniques.

As such, there are paintings of fruits and vegetables which seemed to speak to the audience in their own unique ways. The artists said that the still life paintings are not just portraits of a certain combination of items but are actually metaphors he uses to depict human relationships.

It gives the audience a closer look, a double-take or even a more succinct and yet elaborated interpretation of the complications of human emotions and feelings. His works are on show until May 20.