Sketch  is a rough outline drawing that is not intended as a final work. It is  one of the quickest ways to store an inspiration for later use. The  original sketches are usually used as a reference to lay out a  composition. Sketching helps perk up the artist’s talent in focusing on  the most important element of a subject before outlining the complete  picture.

The preferred tool frequently used by the artists is  pencil and pastel. A medium weight (possibly H or HB) lead drawing  pencil is one of the best drawing tools for freehand sketches as the  pencil can create a line easily by applying little pressure. Other media  such as watercolour, modeled clay or soft wax provides another form of  sketch in a broader sense of term. Kneaded eraser is an important tool  for most of the artist as it helps to remove and soften lines for visual  effect. Sketch has varied purposes in modern culture. Sketchers are  drawn by courtroom artists and authorities also use sketches to trace  wanted criminals.

There are few tips and guidelines for beginners to  sketch effectively. Start to sketch on a square grid as your reference  point. The grid ensures that the production has the same proportion  throughout the drawing. To draw horizontal lines, move the pencil from  left to right (for right handed sketchers) while vertical lines are  drawn from the top in a downward direction.

Avoid turning your wrist as  the line will arc.  Angled line should be drawn from left to right angling  either upwards or downwards. You may rotate the paper to achieve a  better effect. Perfectly round circle are the most difficult to draw  freehand. Start the sketch by drawing vertical or horizontal centre  lines at the centre point of the circle. Then estimate the radius of the  circle on center lines before forming a box with line parallel to the  centre lines. Finally, move the pencil from left to right to create four  arcs by rotating the paper regularly.


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