Top 10 Malaysian Graffiti Artists

Mukhriz Nikon graffiti

Graffiti art has often been associated with vandalism but in today’s artistic world, it has changed tremendously. Graffiti artists have been making waves all across the country where some have already become household names in their own accord. Below are the top 10 graffiti artists in Malaysia.

Kenji Chai – Kenji comes from Sabah. He is famous for portraying some vibrant color mixes in his own imaginative world and can be easily identified for his works using Chaigo (an imaginative character he created). He is based in Kuala Lumpur and is sought after to create murals.

Loo Lok Chern – Known as Cloakwork, his works are very popular both within and outside the country. He works as an illustrator and has works seen in countries like Australia, Indonesia, Japan and Singapore, among others.

Abdul Rashade – This artist comes from Penang and is known for his deep and thought-provoking work. A graphic designer in profession with Les Copaque, he loves his outdoor work which incorporates Nusantara culture with some very intricate floral designs.

Anokayer – Anokayer has a reputation as the ‘dopest’ artist in this movement. His works integrate people, pop culture where his works have transcended across other cities like Melbourne in Australia.

Mohd Mahfudz – This is an exciting artist who started graffiti art at the age of 16 and is part of the ‘KAMI’ Street Art Group.

Muhd Fakhrul Akmal – He has been making street art for more than 15 years and is known to be the numbered few ‘professionals’ in this scene. He goes by the name mile09 where among his most notable works include those made for Red Bull and Petronas.

Emy Falizal Mohd Saidzul – Emy has all the looks of an urban artist which dreadlocks and a goatee. He is a self-taught artist and was a technician who drew his inspiration from the Internet and magazines to become one of the top artists of his time.

Amirul Shah – He is known as Asmoe Roc and is one of the few graffiti writers around. He is part of the ‘Medium Touch’ team where he contributes through his typography techniques.

Pakey – Pakey is mostly known for his portrait works. He started at 16 using spray-cans and together with Asmoe Roc they are part of the Medium Touch group.

Mohd Zaki – Fondly known as Escape Va, he has a long established body of work dating back to 2006. He is known for his clever mixture of colors and images portrayed through his figures and portraits.



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