Catch the laughs if you can with Harith Douglas at PJ Live Arts

HaritHDouglas (pronounced Harit HD Douglas) is one of the shows in the PJ Laugh Fest 2011 hosted by PJ Live Arts and this would be one of the highlights as it features 2 of the leading stand up comedians in Malaysia. Harith Iskandar is no stranger to the comedy scene in the country where he has done countless shows in theatres as well as in events. He is also one of the most established actors who have been involved in many projects and movies both locally and internationally.

Douglas Lim too has an unmatchable resume where he rose to stardom in the ever so popular Kopitiam sitcom together with the likes of Joanna Bassey and Lina Teoh. He has since embarked into production and his own stand up shows have drawn in the crowds like no other.

Catch the two of them in action this coming 17th – 19th May with the show starting at 8.30pm and will go on for a duration of 1.5 to 2 hours with no intermission. Ticket price is at RM60 for adults while Students and Senior Citizens need only pay RM30.



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