Here and Now solo exhibition by Choy Chun Wei

Wei-Ling gallery is set to bring Choy Chun Wei’s latest works to the Malaysian art scene as they are set to hold the ‘Here and Now’ solo exhibition from October 10th to November 2nd.

Chun Wei’s first solo exhibition was held at Wei-Ling Gallery at Jalan Scott four years ago in his ‘Kaleidoscopic Landscapes’ solo show to much success.

Since then, he has been experimenting and working on new paintings and now they are ready and will be put on show at Wei-Ling’s new and modern space at The Gardens’ Wei-Ling Contemporary.

Chun Wei is part of the Freeman Foundation Residency progamme at Vermont, United States and his new works are set to thrill art lovers and appreciators with his unique body of work which explores multi layer and 3-dimensional perspectives.

It has been a long 4 years for followers of Chun Wei and with his previous success and reputation for creating cutting edge art and such, one would be surely be able to embark onto the reflective journey that Chun Wei is promoting through his work.

His messages are strong, clear and thought-provoking, often bringing the viewer through various dimensions and issues like escapism, social ills and virtual reality.

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