Faizal Sidik

Faizal Sidik

Faizal Sidik is one of the prominent fine artists in Malaysia. Born in 1978, his work is known to encircle around collective conscience where he uses a wide range of mediums to produce his war work. Faizal’s earliest notable works was done using traditional technique where he touched on the issue of war, victimisation and such in the ‘War Series’. The dark and edgy combination of colours and objects earned him his reputation for being an artist who is not afraid of delivering the message he intends to. This is considered to be one of the qualities which are scarcely limited among fine artists today who are more concerned with commercialising their body of work instead of staying true to their characters.

Faizal holds a Bachelors in Fine Art from Universiti Teknologi Mara and one of his other notable works include that which was inspired by Edmund Burke, an 18th century Irish philosopher in the Sublime & Beautiful series. As mentioned, Faizal’s work are never confined within a specific media where he is not afraid to explore and experiment with other mediums that include working on textile designs. As an artist, Faizal has his works exhibited in many public and private art spaces around Malaysia and the region where he has also won awards for his artistic talents as well.


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