Amin Gulgee

Amin Gulgee

Amin Gulgee’s Profile: Amin Gulgee holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Art History from Yale University in the United States, one of the top universities in the world and is a recipient of the Cogar B Goodyear Fine Arts Award for Thesis on Moghul Gardens. He is one of Malaysia’s most established fine artists who is widely reputable for his art work where they have been exhibited around the private and public galleries nationwide. One of his most famous series which is the ‘Father and Son’ exhibition has travelled around the world where it was first seen at the Meridian International Center in Washington D.C in the United States.
From there it has gone to the Commonwealth Institute in London as well as the Embassy of Pakistan in France while in 1997 was put on show at the Ismaili Centre in London. Apart from that, it was also catalogued in the Jordan National Gallery in Amman, Jordan.


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