Ng Kim Peow’s Profile: Ng Kim Peow or more fondly known as Kim in short is one of the renowned Malaysian artists in recent times. His body of work is known to portray his own exploration in his own visual experiences where they are then juxtaposed against his imagination. The expression of his work is what makes them so well known while offering the viewer with a totally different angle to the world around them. He uses colour, shapes, texture and spaces to demonstrate his depiction of the subject matter which is unique in his own way and methods. He is also popularly known to adopt the ‘collagraph’ printing technique where he has perfected it to excellence. He got his first qualification in art from the Kuala Lumpur College of Art with a Diploma in Fine Art before pursuing his degree in London Guildhall University where he then continued in MA Design and Media Art at the University of Westminister in London.

Ng Kim Peow @ Kim Ng’s Exhibitions and awards

Kim is a very active Malaysian artists whose work is exhibited around the county, the region as well as abroad. His solo exhibitions include the “Printing with Fire – Prints on Ceramic, Glass and Paper” at the Integrated Resource Center at the London Guildhall University. Back at home, his solo exhibitions have been seen at The Clay House, Townhouse Gallery as well as at the Wei-Ling Gallery in Kuala Lumpur.

He was also involved with group shows with Wei-Ling Gallery, in Beijing at the 2008 8th International Visual Feast, the National Art Gallery as well as many other prime spaces. In the UK, his work has been seen in galleries like the Art House, Art Link Exchange, Buckingham Gallery, as well as the Royal National Theatre. He is the recipient of the John Purcell Paper Award in 1997 while also winning the 1st Prize of Owen Rowley Prize in London in 1996.