Wong Perng Fey’s Profile: Someone would need to have seen Perng Fey’s work if one is to know what he does. In fact, this fine artist have been steadily making his name in Malaysia’s art scene for the past 20 years or so that his works are already in the collection of some very prominent collectors around the country as well as abroad. The artist was born in 1974 where his main body of work encircles around landscapes of Malaysia and his most preferred medium is using oil paint instead of the easier to manage acrylic.

Said to be a bridge between his surroundings with his emotions, his art is very much interpretations of what he knows and remembers and then translated onto hi canvas. He is a graduate of Malaysian Institute of Art back in 1998 and ever since then, he has been a full time artist where his works can be seen at the permanent collections of renowned national galleries like Galeri Petronas and at the National Art Gallery. According to the artist, memory is very powerful because he paints for memory’s sake as they are made of moments that are lost. Hence, to keep the memories and remember them, he put them into his art work.