Tapak Gallery

Another artist-inspired space

Tapak Gallery in Shah Alam is another gallery which is inspired and run by a renowned Malaysian artist. Founded by none other than Yusof Ghani, this name has been synonymous with Malaysian art for many years. Tapak Gallery is quite different from other art galleries across Malaysia because it is not housed within the upscale areas of Bangsar and neither has all the luxury decorations you will come to expect from an art gallery.

Rustic backdrop

Like the art of Yusof Ghani, this space has all that exudes his persona. Yusof Ghani is known to be one of the leading artists from Malaysia popular for his Abstract Expressionism works and it is in this platform that he aims to provide emerging and young artists to showcase their works. Before mastering his own techniques and style, Yusof was once very inspired by artists like de Kooning and Pollock.

Shows and services

Over the years, Tapak Gallery has hosting some of the most renowned and established artists both from the local and regional art communities. Providing such an exciting and yet intricate art space, Tapak Gallery has been one of the major movers and shakers of the art scene in Malaysia, bridging the community and society with some of the best arts around.

Tapak Gallery
No 1 Jalan Tanjong,
Sek 8/28
Shah Alam


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