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Arts.com.my is a Malaysian art site which provides all the information about the art and culture scene in Malaysia. Here is where you will be able to find all the resources and knowledge you need about art and its development in the country. Arts.com.my is your most ideal one-stop platform where you will be find all you need to know without having to go anywhere else because at Arts.com.my, we cover most if not all the areas of the Malaysian art industry.

At Arts.com.my, we provide one of the most comprehensive database of Malaysian artists. Here you will find that we have appropriately organized the artists in alphabetical order while you can also search for them through the various categories like fine artists, sculptors, watercolour artists and many more. On top of that, our directory of profiles also provide you with all the relevant information of the artists that include their education background, past exhibitions, previous works and upcoming projects.

If you are looking to learn more about art in general, we have at Arts.com.my a concise library of knowledge base that explains the various and different art segments. This include the explanation of all the types of art like Impressionism, Renaissance, Contemporary, Pop Art and others, all of which are equipped with images and samples. As we are very focused on the Malaysian art scene, our library also include information about Malaysian culture and arts like the Wayang Kulit, the Mak Yong Dance, Malaysian tribal sculptures and many more.

Our calendar of events will provide you with the happenings in the Malaysian art scene through the year. This is where you can check our calendar to find out the art and cultural events which are scheduled around the private and public art spaces in Malaysia. From the National Art Gallery to the tourism destinations, private galleries and public spaces, you will be able to find out what performances are coming up in the near future. From here, you will then be able to select reminders to be sent to you when the upcoming events are coming up. Furthermore, Arts.com.my also allow you to share your experiences at these events where you are encouraged to send in your photos and write your own reviews if you were at the event. If you have any information about any events and happenings around your area related to art, you will also be able to share it with others here. At Arts.com.my, we also provide a directory of all the major art spaces around the country. This will cover all the public and private art related spaces, galleries, stage plays, performing arts centers which will then be connected to our calendar of events which will keep you updated about what is going on around there. You will be able to find out who are the operators of these spaces, the background and history of the spaces, who are the artists they represent and what are their expertise.

Our panel of experts will also be reviewing artworks from prominent Malaysia artists. Our contributors will provide their opinions and their perception of the artwork where our members will then be invited to give their feedback and comments as well. If needed, you will also be able to send artworks in digital format to your critics who will give their pointers and opinions to help you improve your craft.


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