Advertising tycoon to open up Nazi air raid bunker for exhibition of collection

Christian and Karen Boros has open the doors of their own personal World War II air raid bunker in Berlin where they will be showcasing some 700 of their art collection to the public. The art patrons are known to be great lovers of art and the air raid bunker, which is located in the centre of Berlin has recently became one of the most exciting artistic attractions of the city in recent years.

The first selection of works was displayed in May 2008 which saw about 120,000 visitors coming in to view the compelling collection of the advertising tycoon. Karen Boros said that they have make the difficult decision to close the exhibition earlier this year as there was a need to make a complete change and makeover. She said that this was because most artists had personally installed their artwork in the bunker but the decision was to ‘change everything’.

After that, the couple dug into their collection and they have identified the range which will be exhibited. The works that are being showcased are as old as 1990 to those that were collected most recently. The artists whose works are featured are related to Berlin in one way or another and it is now available at one of the many air raid shelters which were used in World War II and has recently been refurbished for cultural events. The bunkers were designed by Alber Spper, the favourite architect of Adolf Hitler in 1942 which could protect 2,500 people from aerial bombs during the war.


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