Idols made by artists from garbage collected from Mount Everest

Using garbage to create art is not something new. But when garbage that is collected from Mount Everest and converted into art, it becomes more than just art. It becomes a strong message. According to Artists of the Mount Everest 8848 Art Project which is made up of more than 15 Nepalese artist, they have been using garbage brought down from the mountain to design idols in their effort to raise awareness of climate change among the people there.

Known to the locals as Mount Qomolangma, some 8.1 tonnes of garbage were collected between 17 April to 28 May in 2011 and through the project, artist have been ‘recycling’ 2 tonnes of garbage to design 75 idols monthly. The project was called ‘Saving Mount Everest, Waste Management Project’ where according to Rana, an artist of the group, the idols will then be exhibited in Kathmandu and in Pokhara in Western Nepal.

Among the items that has been collected as waste and garbage from the summiteers and team expeditions are ropes, metals, cans, oxygen cylinders and even helicopter parts. These are among some of the items which constitute about 50 tonnes of solid waste that are still left behind along the region since 1953 as reported by the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation Ministry.


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