Emerging and established artists to commemorate 10 years of collecting art in Wei-Ling Gallery

Wei-Ling Gallery recently celebrated a decade of art by a series of events and among them was the ‘Bright Young Things’ exhibition that showcased several up and coming Malaysian artists. Apart from that, there was also a book launch on its publication ‘A Decade of Collecting’ and another exhibition entitled ‘Timeless’ at their Wei-Ling Contemporary space at the Gardens.

The show at Wei-Ling Gallery in Jalan Scott is perhaps the highlight which celebrated a decade in the art business of Malaysia.

Lim Wei Ling, the owner of the gallery has been a strong advocate of Malaysian artists since 2002 and in commemorating a decade of actively promoting the arts, 10 local new artists were presented for public viewing at its heritage building in Brickfields.

During the event, the artists were involved in creating art and history through the Decade Shutter Mural which essentially was painted on an age-old shutter door and giving it a new lease of life. Wei-Ling Gallery has been the place favoured by art collectors and enthusiasts from around the country in recent years and the expansion into Wei-Ling Contemporary at The Gardens Mall goes to show that Malaysians from all walks of life are more aware of the growing art scene in Malaysia.

Among the artists whose works were exhibited at the ‘Bright Young Things’ were Ruzekki Harris, Sean Lean and Wong Chee Meng. Meanwhile, another exhibition which will showcase the established artists with Wei Ling is currently going on in the ‘Timeless’ exhibition involving the likes of Anurendra Jegadeva, Ivan Lam and many others.


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