Coffee Art artist to promote Langkawi at World Tourism Market in London

Amandawati Zulkifli, is perhaps one of the most exciting artists in Malaysia today. This is because while the Malaysian art scene is buzzing with artists from all types of media like watercolour and oil, she is known to have quite a different take when it comes to art. Amandawati is known for her works in coffee art.

The 42 year old artist who was born in Taiping and grew up in Kuala Lumpur currently operates her cafe in Pekan Rabu in Kuah Town in Langkawi Island. Through her business venture, Amanda cultivated a love for her work and art by using leftover coffee residues to promote her coffee painting medium.

Amanda had loved art since young where her works won a consolation prize

She won her Unesco Children Painting competition during the early 1980s. The self-taught artist has continued to work on her techniques since then and 2 years ago, she discovered an ideal way to intertwine her love for coffee and art. Since then, she has sold about 200 pieces of her signature coffee paintings mainly from visitors to her cafe in Langkawi.

During the 1Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism exhibition in LIMA 2011, 2 of her paintings caught the interest of Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen who bought them. Amanda said that coffe as an art medium is not a new thing as it has been around for almost a decade now but in Malaysia, it is still very new.

In recognizing her efforts and achievements, Amanda has been selected by LADA (Langkawi Development Authority) to represent Malaysia at the upcoming WTM (World Tourism Market) 2012 which will be held at London’s Excel Exhibition Centre between 5th to 8th November. Her objective is to use her coffee art to promote Langkawi at the second biggest exhibition in the world.


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