Marvin Chan is an established Malaysian artist. Some of his most remarkable art works have been put on show in major public and private galleries around the country throughout his career. That which makes Marvin’s work so special is that he is a self-taught artist who is also known for his body of work with sculptures. Nominated twice for the Sovereign Art Foundation Asian Art Prize, Marvin’s work is known to evolve around the likes of space utility and environmental design. Marvin has been actively involved with promoting art and his body of work throughout the region where his art has been seen around the country and abroad.

His first solo show was entitled ‘Inconsequential Consequences of Hope’ where his works depicted the hope on life in many ways. Some of his most remarkable works came through what he called an ‘accidental discovery’ when he had to work without his glasses for a month and it was at this juncture that Marvin found out how he could render an image and piece his works together. His works have been seen in various countries while they are also being exhibited in around the country and the region in within its public and private galleries.