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Rafiee Abdul Ghani

Rafiee Abdul Ghani is an established Malaysian artist who comes frro Kulim in Kedah. Born in 1962, Rafiee obtained the De Vrije Academie Voor Bildeende Kunst at the Hague, Netherlands in 1980 before he completed his Diploma in Fine Art from the then Mara Institute of Technology in Shah Alam. From there, he would continue to the United Kingdom where he finished his Master of Art in Fine Prints in 1987 at the Manchester Metropolitan University.

Since then, Rafiee has been actively involved and participated in the Malaysian art scene. His early works were exhibited at the National Open Show in 1983 while he was also involved with many shows in the United Kingdom when he was studying there. This would include the onoprints Art Exhibition in Loughborough, the Miniature Print show at The Corner House in Manchester, the Mezzotints Art Exhibition at the Whitworth Gallery and many more. After returning to Malaysia, he would continue to further develop his career in the art world where his works were showcased in major art spaces around. He was also the lecturer at the National Youth Service at the Mahe in Seychelles from 1989 to 1990. From there, he would continue to join group and solo exhibitions to further cement himself among the great Malaysian artists of his time.

A solo Exhibition by Rafiee Abdul Ghani

afie Abdul Ghani; Oil on canvas
Rafie Abdul Ghani Oil on canvas
Rafiee Ghani Perfumed Garden Where Galeri Chandan
Rafiee Ghani-Perfumed Garden Where: Galeri Chandan
Profile-of-Rafiee-Avid  Rafiee Ghani. Posted by ROEM'S DINDINGMAS
Rafiee Ghani Painting
Rafiee Ghani Painting
Rafiee Ghani. Posted by ROEM'S DINDINGMAS 02
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