15th Singapore Writers’ Festival 2012 to kick off with a bang

Between November 2nd and 11th, Singapore is set to play host to its internationally popular SWF (Singapore Writers Festival) 2012. This would mark the 15th time the event is held in the Lion City which brings together local, regional and global talents in the writing and literature field. The event will be putting literature in the spotlight while creating more awareness among the people on the importance of reading and writing.

The SWF 2012 is organised by the Singaporean NAC (National Arts Council) and is always one of the most anticipated events of the arts calendar. It seeks to present the writing talents of Singapore on an international platform while promoting new and emerging talents into the literature world. According to prominent writer, Paul Tan who is also the festival director, the target is to spark more interest in reading and writing among the younger generations and that is because great writers started off as readers. Paul has written 3 volumes of poetry of which 2 have won prizes at the Singapore Literature Prize previously.
For 2012, the theme for this festival is ‘Origins’ and will involve several programmes and activities that will surely benefit readers, writers and visitors. The SWF 2012 will be held at the Singapore Management University’s Campus Green which will also include other prominent art spaces like The Art House, the National Museum of Singapore, the Singapore Art Museum, the National Library and the Peranakan Museum where the SWF is one of the few multi-lingual literary festivals in the world today.


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