Robot designed to ‘copy’ masters’ brush strokes

Seen recently at the CEATEC (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies) in Makuhari near Tokyo in Japan is a robot which was able to copy the brush strokes of a master of calligraphy. According to Seiichiro Katsura, the associate professor of system design engineering at Keio University, they have been able to teach the robot to copy the strokes of the artist based on the way it was painted.

With technology being incorporated in almost all industries today, it was just a matter of time before robots are used in art and this could be one of the first steps before robots could actually paint masterpieces. However, that is not possible with this one because the robot actually copies the method of a living artist. How it works is that the robot actually apply the same pressure and make the same gestures of the living artist.

This means that it still cannot copy paintings of Picasso or Warhol as yet

Basically, this is a ‘copycat’ technology where the research team said that it is the first unit which is highly accurate in the world today and hence, it is able to recreate the motions of the master artist through it motion copy system.

By being able to copy the gestures of the human hand, it might provide a whole new world of opportunities not only within the art industry but also in areas like mechanics and complex surgery. Katsura said that it would be an ideal step towards preserving valuable skills which might extinct in the future.


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